SIAG TRAVEL EGYPT was established in 1991 by chairman and founder, Rami Siag.

All the management team are well educated & trained from Europe, States and Egypt universities.

The company involved in many activities and our main objectives are; quality and reliability.

SIAG TRAVEL Offering the Following Services:

1. Classical tours.

2. Religious tours.

3. Educational tours.

4. Bus tours.

5. Desert tours & Safari Expeditions

6. Incentives travel

7. Hotels reservations in Egypt and all over the world.

8. Airline reservation & Ticketing.

9. Meet & assist in all airports in Egypt.

10. Nile cruises, Lake Nasser cruises, Red Sea cruises.

11. Diving.

Other Activities:

Camping and catering (F&B) for tourist groups, petroleum companies and private parties.

    Additional Items:

    Portal toilets & showers, entertainment, band, oriental bond, belly dancer, sticks dances, tan aura (whirl), folkloric show and dance, man with bokhaur, fire eaters, and horse dance. Audio visual and sound & light equipments.

Organizing Races & Raids:

Such as Rally; this was one of the prime objectives. As SIAG TRAVEL were the main representative and organizer of the RALLY OF EGYPT or RALLY DES PHARAONS and provided all services and support related to the RACE. And coordinated the support of all Egyptian authorities involved including; ministry of tourism, Egyptian military, Egyptian police, customs department, Egyptian aviation authorities and local governorates.

In 1991 SIAG TRAVEL invested in the one largest fleet of quality 4X4 cars and trucks ever ordered in Egypt: 40 4X4 Toyota land cruisers and 8 five ton 4X4 desert prepared liaz trucks. Utilizing this sizable fleet the company organized and mounted some of the largest and most complex desert events and desert operations ever attempted here.

SIAG TRAVEL continue to organize some Raids & Races for a quiet few years and later on shared with an Italian company named J.V.D servicing more than 6000 participants.

It was also the first Egyptian company to attract the famous Paris-Dakar to come to Egypt and to organize its Rally in year 2000 (Paris-Dakar-Cairo) serving more than 10,000 participants.

We have taken more than 20,000 clients to the desert in operation entirely equipped and supported by our own personal and vehicles. Group sizes have ranged from just two to over 1000 pax.

All these events and hundred more are listed on attached list. We have been awarded many medals of Excellency from our long experience in the travel industries. Particularly, as an organizer of special events in the cities or in our beloved Egyptian deserts.

 Some of Our Major Events

Rally of the Pharaohs:

From 400 to 1200 Pax

In 1985 , 86 , 87 , 88 , 89 , 90 , 91 ,  92 , 93 and  94.

Ramadan Banquet of Pope Shenouda

From 1989, 90, 91


Egyptian Drilling Petroleum Company:

200 pax. F&B and another services related by this event.

In 1990. 

president " Vaclav Havel "  president of Czech of republic:

Lunch ceremony during the opening of the Abousir pyramids event organized by Mr. R.SIAG  1993



Red Sea Baja Raid:

250 Pax. In 1994

Rotary Sharm El Sheikh Event :

1500 Pax. In March 1996

Argiolas Group:

100 Pax. In Oct. 1996

London – Cape Town :

250 Pax. In November 1998

Orbiter 3 Rescue Operation 1998

On March 1, 1999, Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones lifted off from the Swiss alpine village of Chateau d’Oex in the Breitling Orbiter 3 balloon. On March 21, 1999—19 days, 21 hours, and 55 minutes later—they landed in the Egyptian desert after traveling 45,755 kilometers (28,431 miles) and completing the first nonstop flight around the world in a balloon.

Siag Travel had the honor to be at the lead of the rescue team chosen by Breitling Corporation to rescue the Balloon and the crew from there landing location in the desert near Dakhla Oasis.


Rally of Egypt:

From 300 to 500 Pax

In 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002

Fidurama Bank Italy:

600 Pax. In 1999

Paris – Dakar – Egypt :

5000 Pax. In 2000

Bright – Star :

1600 Pax. In 2000 and 2001

Trial to the Nile :

250 Pax. In April 2002

Recordation Incentive Group:

350 Pax. In 8/12/2001

Nissan launching Egypt:

300 Pax. In 2001

Total solar eclipse in saloum march 2006

La Foret Group

The well Known French real estate company have chosen Siag travel to Handel their convention in Egypt from 17 to 19 June 2006.

Siag travel handled 1300 French participant on this 3 days event, starting from Airline reservation, Hotel accommodation, Airport meet and assist with transfer, conference arrangement at the CICC, down to sight seeing , festival night event at the Pyramids.

List of Our Company Equipments:

·  4x4 Toyota land cruiser.

· 4x4 Desert prepared liaz tucks.

· Mobile kitchen equipments:

Fridges, deepfreeze, tables and chairs.

· Portable toilets and shower.

· Different size tents.

· Carpets and handmade mats

· Safari beds and sleeping bags.

· Bed sheet, mattress, pillows, and table cloth.

· Communication equipment VMF.

· Satellite phones. 

The above said items are quiet enough to carry out and operate over than 1000 pax excursions in the deser




SIAG LIMOUSINE was formed in 1992 by chairman and founder Rami Siag. The company is specialized in all domains related to rent car, busses and limousine service


Operation Team:

     The transport and traffic managers are well educated and trained. The company drivers, technician and other crew has been carefully selected in order to co-operate with 4x4 drive cars and Turks and be familiar with desert bath and excursion. This always has immediate positive effect on the clients and impressed them.

Company Activities:

· Limousine cars rent.

· Mini and microbuses rent.

· Equipped 4x4 driver cars and trucks.

· Service and maintenance center for all company cars.

·  Movable work shop trucks for the minor repair at the desert and for areas.

· Participate and support the races and raids completion.

· Tourist transportation.

· Desert tours.

Desert motorcycles races



Our Equipment:

·   Satellite navigation and communication system.

·   Movable work shop trucks.

·    Portal toilet and shower.

·    Equipped 4x4 driver cars and trucks.

·    Desert motorcycle.

·    Beds, sleeping bags and all other safari equipments including tents and kitchen equipments.


Major Events:

     SIAG LIMOUSINE has greatly assisted SIAG TRAVEL in carrying out and performing decent smooth job in the events. They were involved and consequently gained repeated business and new clients.

Siag Company Group:






Owned and mange Siag Pyramids Hotel

Taba Project.

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